Redesign to increase navigability and donations


As an intern at Glantz Design, I worked with a client on a site dedicated to raising funds and awareness for a rare blood disease called LCH (Langerhan's Cell Histiocytosis). The site was difficult to navigate and wasn't increasing dononations


Consolidate the site's navigation to be more concise and highlight donating. Generated high fidelity mockups, and put together a video to be played on the site's homepage. Aside from the site map, all the work below is my individual contribution


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Site Map

We wanted the site to quickly educate visitors about the story and mission of the organization, let them shop for rocks, and encourage them to donate to the foundation. One difficulty was contextualizing the subsections of the organization. Syd Rocks is the vendor that actual sells rocks to raise money, and Giving Rocks is the larger foundation that uses that money invest in research, fund events, etc.

Creative Jumping-off Point

Our client wanted to appeal to a hip site that appealed to a younger generation ("it should feel like a beach"), while still appealing to prestigious organizations and potential donors. They really liked the idea of incorporating a video into their landing page.

A non-profit site they liked: LetsFCancer
Another site that inspired our design: Charity Water

Mockup Iterations

2 independent versions of high fidelity mockups of the home and about pages

Version 1

Home Page

About Page

I shifted toward a simpler, more image-heavy design for the home page, and split the two Syd Rocks and Giving Rocks into their own sections on the about page. The splash image on the mockups below was a placeholder for the background video I made later.

Version 2

Home Page

About Page

Background Video

I used footage I found from past Syd Rocks events to piece together a concise video that could be used on the landing page.


This was one of my first projects iterating on mockups based on actual client feedback. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to simplify the navigation and nest information in way that made sense, and creating the feel the client wanted. If I could do it again, I would spend more time sketching and wire-framing before jumping into high fidelity mockups.

See final site

Current Site